Mayor’s Arts Awards

Arts Council entry table

We were honored to provide flowers for the 2015 Mayor’s Arts Awards sponsored by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana last month.

Arts Council view into Victory

The event was held at the gorgeous Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville.  Guests congregated in the lobby where artists were displaying both the process and products of their work before moving to the stage.

Arts Council Table #4

Guests moved through a buffet backstage before choosing a seat on the stage for dinner.

Arts Council Table #3

Floral arrangements adorned the table in the rich, victorian colors of the Victory Theatre.  We used roses, celosia, cockscomb, amaranth, miniature carnations, and grasses in vintage brass containers to blend with the surroundings.

Arts Council Table #2

The red glow of the stage lights added to the ambiance.

Arts Council table #1

After dinner, guests moved to the theatre to hear the awards presentation.

We support the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana and their efforts to bring art to the community and support local artists.  Pat’s career as an art educator and my career as a music educator seemed to collide with our new careers on this night.  Having performed many times on this stage, I felt that my new career as a florist was merging with the old.



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